build muscle fast with the muscle morph system 
Would you like to gain at least 5kgs (11lbs)
of rock hard muscle?

Would you like to increase your strength by
at least 20%?
...and all in 10 weeks or less?

  Are you totally frustrated by all the conflicting advice about
how to build maximum muscle?

Have you tried numerous 'muscle building' programmes only to end up exactly the same? Or even worse, you've lost muscle?

Are you tired of all the false promises from so called 'fitness gurus?'  

Are you suffering from information overload?!

Read on to discover the REAL secrets to building muscle
FASTER than you ever imagined possible!

Dear friend,  

If you're tired of the never ending claims from so called fitness experts promising miracle cures to build 'massive amounts of muscle', you're not alone.  

You see, when it comes to finding credible, truthful information about how to build muscle fast and naturally, I know just how frustrating it can be.

The fact is, the majority of fitness authors, muscle building 'experts' and professional bodybuilders ALWAYS have ulterior motives - whether it's selling more magazines, more supplements, or endorsements. So the question is, 'WHO can you really trust to provide you with honest, unbiased muscle building information that works?'     

The second major problem is that there are literally tons of theories about how to build maximum muscle in the least amount of time. And that's precisely the PROBLEM. All theories and no real science to back up some very outrageous claims... 

One thing is for sure, if you follow conventional wisdom and advice from professional bodybuilders, mainstream bodybuilding magazines and websites, I guarantee you'll end up overtrained and completely exhausted! Rather than gaining muscle there's a much higher probability you'll LOSE muscle. And if you've been conned into taking lots of unnecessary supplements there's a good chance you'll be a lot poorer as well!  

As a personal trainer with over 16 years in the fitness industry, I've made it my mission to seek out what works and what doesn't, and that includes the TRUTH about building muscle.

In other words, I'm not interested in what 'might' work, I want to know what works...PERIOD.

Time and time again I've witnessed the frustration from up and coming body builders. They work out religiously using the 'latest and greatest' muscle building programmes only to end up going backwards! They never reach their true muscle building potential because they continue to follow conventional schools of thought. In other words, they've been given the
wrong information!

During my personal training career I've trained many clients through to bodybuilding competition level. Using my quality versus quantity training principles I've produced 2 national bodybuilding champions, both of whom went from zero training to winning national titles with
less than 12 months of training. 

(To read about Brent Dorr's amazing achievement, click here)
(To read about Belinda Muller-Jack's inspiring story, click here

In the last 5 years we've experimented even further with the quality versus quantity training principles that have formed the foundation of our clients success. We've manipulated variables such as training frequency, exercise selection, volume and repetition ranges to find out what type of programme delivers the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time.

More recently I came across some amazing strength and muscle building studies. 

What I discovered was a proven muscle building formula that precisely applies these quality versus quantity principles - research that completely flies in the face of conventional bodybuilding wisdom...

Best of all, these studies reveal how and why muscles grow and the exact stimulus required to produce extraordinary muscle gains.  
Not only is this information REVOLUTIONARY, it just might change the face of bodybuilding forever!

It's important to stress that this information is not based on 'theories', the latest craze or the wild notions of a fitness guru! This is a proven muscle building formula based on:

1) Hard science
2) Real life examples  
3) Real results  

This research shatters over 40 years of bodybuilding dogma!

In fact, studies at some of the world's leading universities have conclusively demonstrated that the training principles you're about to discover;  

1) Produce 50% more muscle gain than conventional muscle building workouts.
2) Produce twice as much strength as participants who work out using conventional methods.

Needless to say, I was so impressed by the research that I decided to put these principles to the test myself!

The results? Nothing short of astounding! 

After only 8 weeks of following these training principles to the letter (and working out in the gym for less than 90 mins per week) I ended up gaining 6kgs of pure muscle! 

What makes this even more amazing is that I've been training with weights for over 20 years. In other words, I wasn't expecting to gain as much muscle as someone who is relatively new to training for example...BOY WAS I WRONG!

Sure, I had expected to gain some muscle...but 6kgs?! That was more than I had gained in the last 6 years!

It was at the 8 week point (out of sheer curiosity more than anything else) that I decided to put my newfound strength to the test at our gym's strength competition. 

Now it's important to note that prior to starting the Muscle Morph System my maximum bench press had never been more than 110kgs (247 lbs) Yet to my amazement I ended up bench pressing 130 kgs! (292 lbs) and what's more, with relative ease!

Then a few weeks later I bench pressed 132.5 kgs (298 lbs) and won our gym's bench press competition. 

                                                         Here's the video

              And here are my results before and after only 8 weeks on the Muscle Morph System...

      Before       After     
Bench press
(1 repetition max)
110kgs (247 lbs)  130 kgs (292 lbs) 
Bodyweight 80.1 kgs (180 lbs) 87.2 kgs (196.2 lbs)
Lean muscle mass  70.5 kgs (158 lbs) 76.8 kgs (172 lbs)
Bodyfat 9.61 kgs (21.6 lbs) 10.4 kgs (23.4 lbs)

                          Here are my photos taken at weeks 1, 5 and 10 of the programme.

mark front beforemark front week 5mark week 10
mark back beforemark back week 5mark week 10
        Week 1                   Week 5                 Week 10 

It was at this time that some of our gym members became a little curious. The most common question was, "Ok Mark, exactly how did you put on so much muscle and gain so much strength in so little time?!"
(By the way in case you're wondering, I've never taken sports performance enhancing drugs and never will) 

I told my fellow gym buddies that I had been experimenting with a new workout system that required me to work out for only 90 mins per week. 

More and more gym members began to ask about my 'secret.' It was then that I decided I would make this workout system available online - and it was then that the 10 Week Muscle Morph System was born!

The great news is that every one of my clients and subscribers who has applied this information has achieved substantial gains in muscle and strength FASTER than ever before. (You can read their testimonials below) 

Read on if you're...
  • TIRED of giving it your all in the gym month after month with very little to show...
  • CONFUSED by the overwhelming amount of muscle building information and don't know who to trust
  • FRUSTRATED that you've wasted time and money on 'muscle building' programmes and /or supplements that don't work.
For the first time I'm sharing this previously 'classified' information so that YOU too can start building muscle and strength FASTER than you ever dreamed possible!

Not only will you be AMAZED at how easy this programme is to follow, I guarantee this information will save you months, if not YEARS of wasted effort, time and money. 

                                                        Introducing the:

Muscle Morph System

                                                     Here's what you'll receive: 

                                    The Muscle Morph E-book! (Value $37)
muscle morph ebook
                                                           You'll discover:

How to gain 5kgs of muscle in only 10 weeks! (and potentially much much more)

How to increase your strength by at least 20% in only 10 weeks

How to grow muscle after every single workout

Why conventional bodybuilding routines are majorly flawed

The precise repetition schemes that result in MAXIMUM muscle growth

The precise time under tension your muscles need to be exposed to for maximum muscle growth

The exact amount of time your muscles need to recover between workouts

Why quality is far more important than quantity

A relatively unknown (and natural) method for dramatically increasing muscle girths

How to naturally skyrocket your levels of testosterone

How to continue to gain muscle & strength week after week, month after month

How to completely MORPH your body in only 90 mins per week
  And all without any special diets, 'magical' supplements or anything illegal!

Plus you'll also receive: 
muscle morph nutrition

*The Muscle Morph Nutrition Guide (Value $27)

easy to prepare muscle building recipes and snacks, the top 10 nutrition strategies, 
recommended foods & more!

Also included:    

*10 week training calendar 

* Training and nutrition diary

*Personal statistics and goal sheet

*Muscle Morph workouts & spreadsheets


*An additional 5 weeks of Muscle Morph workouts & all NEW exercises 

(That's 15 weeks of muscle building workouts in total!) 


Take away all the guesswork thanks to our 
AMAZING exercise animations & instructions

barbell bench presslat pulldownsdeadlift

You'll receive exclusive access to specially created webpages where you can view ANIMATED exercises and instructions to ensure you're getting the most out of each and every exercise!  

         Here's what some of our clients are saying about the Muscle Morph System...

mick cottrell nz strongman

Mark has been my personal trainer for the last 10 years. During that time I've competed both nationally and internationally.
Thanks to the training principles of the Muscle Morph system I radically increased my strength in preparation for the 2011 Aotearoa Strongman Championships where I placed first. 
What makes this programme unique is that you only need to spend 90 mins per week in the gym for incredible results.  Mark has selected the most efficient exercises and repetition schemes to increase strength and muscle size in the fastest time possible. 
Mark's Muscle Morph System is a winner!   
Mick Cottrell

1st at the 2011 Aotearoa Strongman Championships
2nd & 3rds in the NZ Highland Games Championships for the last 9 years
2nd at the Pakuranga Highland games
6 years competing in the Indonesia Highland Games
3rd at the Australian Highland games Championships last 4 years
Strongman and Highland Games - 12 years in total

                                                belinda muller jack

Without any background in weight training, and with the ambitious goal to compete in a local bodyshaping competition, I sought Mark's expert advice.

Using Mark's training methods, not only did I get into amazing shape,  I won the over 35 figure section of the competition...and what's more, with only 6 months of training!  10 weeks later I competed as a bodybuilder and won the over 35 physique class at the NZFBB National Bodybuilding Champs!

Thanks to Mark's quality versus quantity training principles, Mark turned a 42 year old mother of three into a national bodybuilding champion!

Belinda Muller-Jack

zane before muscle morphzane after muscle morph    zane before muscle morphzane after muscle morph
         Before                     10 weeks later                    Before                  10 weeks later

"I was in a total rut and not getting the results I was after...that is, until I discovered the Muscle Morph System!

Thanks to this programme I spent a LOT less time working out and yet my muscle size and strength increased dramatically...m
y bench press increased by 25 kgs in 10 weeks alone!

If you're tired of having nothing to show for all your hard work in the gym, if you want fast and effective results, the Muscle Morph Sytem is the way to go.

Zane Butler

"For years I'd been going to the gym and no matter what I did I could never seem to bulk up...that's when I decided to meet with Mark and he suggested I try the Muscle Morph System.

After only a few weeks I could hardly believe it! For the first time in my life I actually started to gain some serious muscle. 3kgs in the first 3 weeks alone! I was also amazed at how much my strength improved from week to week even though I was spending much less time at the gym.

I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to gain muscle and increase strength as fast as humanly possible.
Try it out and see for yourself! "
Aaron Leech

PLUS you'll also receive:

BONUS 1 : Insane Muscle Gain Report Report

insane muscle gain report

Learn how to sidestep these common suicide training errors while trying to build muscle! 

-By Vince Delmonte

Value $17 - Yours FREE 

BONUS 2: Six Pack Abs Revealed E-book

6 pack abs

If you want to know the secret to obtaining incredible abs, look no further. Leading fitness author, Tom Venuto reveals the ab building secrets that only champion bodybuilders know. 

Value $37 - Yours FREE 

         BONUS 3: Tasty Fat Loss & Muscle Gaining Recipes E-book

tasty muscle gain and fat loss recipes

25 delicious muscle building recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks! 

Each recipe provides you with calories, grams of carbohydrates, protein and fat. 
(Interesting facts and cooking tips included with each recipe)

Value $27 - Yours FREE 

That's a total value of $145

But here's the best news of all...

If you order NOW, you'll receive the
entire Muscle Morph System plus bonus e-books

  All for the incredibly low price of only:



(NZ dollars)

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Results are 100% Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. I'm so confident that you'll gain muscle and  strength FASTER than you ever imagined possible thanks to the Muscle Morph System, that I'm offering a 30 DAY NO-RISK, UNCONDITIONAL, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

That means if for any reason you're not thrilled with this system I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund. 

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                                    Bonus Offer

When you order the Muscle Morph System, I'll provide you with unlimited FREE email support! That means if you have ANY questions about the workouts, nutrition or need that extra bit of motivation, I'm only an email away.    

ps: Don't waste another minute trying to find that "magical'' muscle building programme. The Muscle Morph System will save you months, if not years of wasted effort in the gym and money down the drain. In just a few short weeks I guarantee you'll be more muscular, stronger, looking and feeling fantastic.  

pps: If you'd prefer to pay via online banking, simply email me at:

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